Dilbeck Concierge

Dilbeck Premier Concierge Powered by Zoom Casa provides painless renovation and staging solutions that help to ensure your home sells for top dollar.

According to the National Association of Realtors® 2019 Profile of Home Staging, eighty-three percent of buyers' agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home. Forty-four percent of buyers' agents report that staging a home increased the financial offer on a home. Twenty-five percent say staging a home increases its dollar value by one to five percent and twelve percent said that it increases the dollar value six to ten percent.

How it Works 

Dilbeck Premier Concierge Powered by Zoom Casa requires no upfront payment – no cash out of pocket. Payment is made out of escrow after your home sells (subject to certain terms and conditions).

You don't have to pursue contractors, track down invoices, manage work schedules, and oversee projects. Dilbeck Premier Concierge Powered by Zoom Casa manages the entire process and protects your interests, requiring vendors and staging professionals on the platform to maintain all necessary licenses and appropriate insurance coverages.


Dilbeck Premier Concierge Powered by Zoom Casa facilitates home staging and cosmetic renovations like painting, flooring, resurfaced kitchens, renewed bathrooms, house-wide deep cleaning, and landscaping. Refresh your home, bring a modern and luxurious look that captures the buyer's imagination, and demands a higher price.  The goal of the renovation and staging solutions is simple: excite buyers, attract offers, and sell your property faster...and for top dollar.  

Zoom Casa, LLC operates Dilbeck Premier Concierge.  All service decisions, disclosures, commitments, vendors, work, and collections are performed by and the responsibility of Zoom Casa, LLC.